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Our team of planners will collaborate closely with you to shape your Koncept into a lasting design. This design would contain a wealth of detail and a precise model of the environment. Most of our contracts for office furniture assembly in Ottawa come from referrals, at KONCEPT we depend on your repeat business and treat every client to the highest accord, no matter how big or how small the job may be.


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Koncept's Four Areas of Expertise

"We called Koncept to buy new office furniture, and I can say that was the right decision."

Jenn Russels

Innovative Design

We design and offer products that are state-of-the art using only the most innovative design practices and concepts.

Unique Style

We stylize each project with our unique eye for design using the latest design trends and concepts to make sure you stand out from your competition.

Personal Attention

We provide personal attention to your needs by offering one-on-one consultations and complimentary sketches & renderings.

Exceptional Service

We provide only the best service to our clients by going beyond customers’ expectations, and fulfilling all of our promises.


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We work to make your life more efficient, while helping you minimize stress.



You have a dream. You have goals and ambitions. You have a Koncept. We understand your workspace environment has a direct impact on your productivity. Tell us what your goals are and we’ll help you develop your Koncept. Before we start talking desks and chairs we’ll carefully gather your requirements-what do you want the space to feel like and how you intend to use it. Then our experienced team will develop solutions tailored specifically for your people and plans – solutions derived from our elaborate, high-quality furniture inventory and accessories.



Take a glimpse of your design via 3D drawings once we have determined the elements your workspace will feature. These elements can be arranged to your satisfaction to achieve your functional and aesthetic objectives. Our expert level experience has proven the fact that workflow is not just a function of process – it is also a function of space. We ensure every conceivable element is included – not only desks and dividers, but storage, lighting and ergonomic and organizational tools as well. Via our technical planning department, we can help you visualize your existing workspace and its elements for reconfigurations or new additions – all to your heart’s content.



Following the design phase, a purchase order is issued to our manufacturer. The assembly process begins with strong attention to detail, and through a team of skilled workers your project comes to life. Office assembly was designed to deliver a reliable, consistent and quality results for any project size, whether it is commercial office furniture assembly or office installations, all this while exceeding expectations.



Your Koncept becomes reality when our experienced, high professional operations team works with you to deliver, install and configure your workspace. Our team works proactively to point out any key considerations such as electrical wiring, structural preparations and elevator availability. We will keep you informed of our responsibilities and your responsibilities at every step of the way. We are proud of every installation we do – and we’ll go the extra mile to guarantee your satisfaction.

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